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ICAgile helps training providers take their students on a learning journey that leads to mastery. We do this by being a trusted advisor in the agile learning space, verifying that the courses you offer meet the highest standard of learning. As an accreditation body made up of agile thought leaders, we accredit agile courses against proven, discipline-specific Learning Outcomes. These Learning Outcomes are built into a Learning Roadmap that covers multiple disciplines. Training providers can leverage the Learning Roadmap to provide an ongoing and clear path for professionals who want to deepen their craft, blend agile flavors, and achieve agile mastery.

Ready to Take People on an Agile Learning Journey? Here’s how:
Accredit Your Own Courses

ICAgile Member Organizations (MOs) can accredit their courses to ensure materials meet proven learning outcomes which were established by Agile experts. Following the accreditation, MOs can offer ICAgile-accredited courses in both public and private settings for certification.

Deliver Your Accredited Courses

Our Member Organizations (MOs) can offer ICAgile-accredited courses in public and/or private settings. Some also compliment their agile training services with coaching and consulting. MOs also have the option of licensing their accredited courseware to other MOs.

Key Benefits


With limited time and resources for training, making informed choices about agile courses is paramount to ensuring a return on investment. The quality of the ICAgile Learning Outcomes and rigor of the accreditation process assures high-quality learning experiences for companies and their agile professionals.


The “ICAgile-Accredited Course" status attests to the value and quality of an agile training course’s content. When choosing among training providers and courses, students have increased confidence in accredited learning experiences, especially when they are accredited against industry-leading Learning o=Outcomes.


By accrediting and providing courses that align with our Learning Roadmap, you provide a learning path that encourages professionals to continue their journey with you.


Once an organization joins as an ICAgile Member Organization, they have access to accreditation services and can offer ICAgile Professional Certifications in any of ICAgile’s many learning tracks. They will also have the option to license courseware from other MOs if they prefer not to develop and accredit their own courseware.
No, we do not provide courseware, because ICAgile is an accreditation and certification body. Once you become an MO, we'll provide you with the proprietary Course Accreditation Matrix for the course you wish to accredit. Many of our MOs use our detailed matrix (which provides course Learning Outcomes, acceptance criteria, etc.) to help them design their own courseware. MOs also have the option of licensing courseware from other MOs.
Individual trainers can also join ICAgile as a Member Organization (MO) to accredit their courses. If you don't want to become a MO but are still interested in teaching ICAgile-accredited courses, you can work with an existing MO to become an authorized instructor for their ICAgile-accredited courses.
Please complete this form to express interest. We will then contact you and provide you with the necessary information to move forward.
If you are interested in accrediting your own courseware, we will provide you with the Course Accreditation Matrix for the course you wish to accredit. This matrix has detailed information around the Learning Outcomes (LOs) your course needs to meet to receive the ICAgile accreditation. 
If you are interested in licensing courseware from another MO, you will need to schedule an Instructor Authorization Session.
When you're ready, you can contact us to schedule your session. ICAgile's sessions are conducted via videoconference with screen sharing capability. 

    "At the forefront of enabling agile adoption across government agencies, Booz Allen’s ICAgile-accredited training provides our staff with the best and broadest skills across the agile landscape to develop the best solutions for our clients." 

    Gary Labovich Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

    ICAgile proudly partners with 100+ Member Organizations that deliver ICAgile-accredited courses.