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Country: Australia
Contact Name: Bernd Schiffer
Phone: +61 4299 87878

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ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Overview Agile Fundamentals This is a hands-on introductory training for Agile Software Development. Basics of Agility will be communicated to understand the ideas and concepts behind Agility, how it affects software development and business, and what are the differences between classical approaches (e.g. waterfall) compared to Agile approaches. The training shows Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, kanban) and explains, why they are considered Agile. Thus, making the next potential steps within their own company more tangible for the attendees. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional Scrum Overview Agile Fundamentals This is a hands-on in-depth training for everything Scrum. Basics of Agile and Scrum will be examined at the beginning of the training class, and afterwards we’ll deep dive right into Scrum’s profundities. We’ll explore all of the essential Scrum values, principles, and elements. We’ll also cover important related topics, such as leadership, coaching, and team dynamics. If you’re already determined to change your team, department, or organisation with Scrum, this class is for you. In Person