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ICAgile Certified Professional Toyota Fundamentals Agile Fundamentals As one of the most successful practices in history, Toyota is well known for creating the Toyota Production System and establishing the “Toyota Way” culture. Scrum The Toyota Way combines the capabilities of the Toyota Production System with the simplicity and power of Scrum. Scrum The Toyota Way will teach you how we use Scrum and the Toyota toolset, and share with you the patterns and tips we have codified so far. For anyone who wants to understand Scrum and The Toyota Tools, including: non-technical professionals, business leaders, software engineers and professional Scrum Masters. This class will help you to acquire a deeper understanding of Scrum and Lean concepts and practices. For those already in a specific Scrum role, such as Scrum Masters, and those who support Scrum teams, the two-day course provides “expert practice” for both hard and soft skills. No prerequisites are required, only that participants commit to the two-day class. In Person