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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Testing The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing Agile Testing This three day course explains how testers can become valued agile team members and how other team members can contribute to testing activities to help deliver a continuous stream of business value. It describes the values and principles that help teams adopt an agile testing mindset. Students learn how to complete testing activities in short iterations, and how testers contribute on a daily basis during each iteration and release cycle. Processes such as ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) will be stressed throughout the course. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, participants will discover good strategies for guiding development with both executable and manual tests. The course is filled with real-life examples of the many ways agile testers add value. A simulation of an agile project wraps up the whole course giving participants an opportunity to put all the puzzle pieces together, to practice what they have learned. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Test Automation Successful Automation in an Agile Project Agile Testing Agile teams deliver “potentially” shippable software at the end of every iteration (one to four weeks), or even possibly every day. This goal can't be achieved without automated tests and many teams struggle with test automation. The challenge of automating functional regression tests frightens many testers, who feel their skills aren’t up to the job. By combining a collaborative team approach with appropriate tools and design approaches, over time you can not only automate your regression tests, but also use automation to enhance exploratory testing. In this interactive course, Janet Gregory describes how to use automation early and guide development; what tests should be automated; works through ways to overcome common barriers to automation. Janet will use examples to learn how to design automated tests for maximum effectiveness and ease of maintenance. Find out different approaches for evaluating and implementing automated test tools, shortening feedback cycles, creating realistic test data, and evaluating your automation efforts. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to fit automation activities within each iteration so that testing “keeps up” with coding. In Person