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ICAgile’s Training Membership is designed for training organizations aiming to broaden their influence by delivering outstanding agile courses. Join now to make a significant impact in the field of agile education.

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Your Role as a Training Member

As a Training Member, you play a pivotal role in advancing our shared mission. You're at the forefront of elevating professionalism through top-tier training programs and educational initiatives.

Your commitment is the driving force behind empowering organizations and individuals to embrace more effective work methods. By delivering sought-after education and certifications, you become an essential catalyst in the journey toward transformative learning.

Together, we're working towards a world where excellence in training is the global standard, and your contribution is key to realizing this vision.

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Membership Benefits

Enhanced Recognition & Global Exposure:

Membership to the ICAgile Consortium elevates your organization’s visibility and credibility within the learning community. Stand out as a trusted member committed to excellence in agile education and practices.

Showcase your Courses:

Increase exposure for your organization by showcasing your offered accredited courses on This allows potential learners to easily discover and enroll in your courses, increasing your class’s reach and impact.

Award Globally-Recognized Certifications:

Gain a competitive advantage for your training offerings and inspire organizations by educating individuals and teams in better ways of working. Become a catalyst for certified learning journeys by delivering in-demand education and certifications.

Exclusive Member Access:

Maximize your training capabilities by leveraging internationally recognized learning outcomes. Receive expert guidance through services available to our members such as course accreditation and instructor authorization.

What We Look For

Mission Alignment
Alignment to ICAgile's mission of creating transformational learning experiences that ignite business agility.

Competency Alignment
Ability to design and deliver high quality learning experiences with instructors who have the necessary capabilities, domain knowledge, and real-world experience.

Partnership Alignment
Ability and desire to provide support to their learner community and continuously improve their learning experiences in service to the global agile community.


Onboarding Fee
USD 3000
Due after application approval.

Includes onboarding, first Course Accreditation and first Instructor Authorization sessions.

Annual Fee
USD 750
Invoiced January 1st following membership activation and on an annual basis thereafter.

Additional Products and Services
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Application Process

Join the ICAgile Training Membership today and embark on a journey to empower individuals and organizations with agile excellence while growing your own success. Together, we redefine agile education and shape the future of learning. Unlock new potential with ICAgile!

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Member Applications are reviewed bi-monthly.

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We'll walk you through the steps to join and answer questions.

Sign the Member Agreement and submit membership fees. Begin orientation with partnership management.

Get Early Feedback
Meet with our learning team for early feedback on your course design.

Course and Instructor Assessment
Attend sessions to seek formal course accreditation and instructor authorization.

Deliver Classes
Deliver classes for industry-recognized ICAgile certification.

"Many organizations are looking for new and better ways of working. The sessions that ICAgile provides helps organizations with the hardest and most valuable part: changing their culture to be more collaborative and inclusive, setting the foundation for successful transformation."

-Nathan Richardson, PricewaterhouseCoopers

96% of respondents surveyed by Indeed would recommend an ICAgile certification to others

More than 1,300+ courses accredited to advance organizations towards business agility

More than 270K certifications have been awarded globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions that need answers? Take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

After you have applied to become a Member Organization, expect an ICAgile team member to reach out within ten business days with an update on your application status.

Our update may include an invitation for a video-conferencing conversation to help us get to know your organization better. During that meeting, a member of the ICAgile Team will discuss your application with you, raise any outstanding questions, and provide you with important membership information. Please allow up to 30 business days to receive a final decision on your membership application. 

Course Accreditation is how ICAgile validates that a learning experience meets our industry-leading Learning Outcomes and standards of excellence. Learn more about Course Accreditation.

To deliver an accredited course for ICAgile certification, you must be affiliated with a Member Organization and become an authorized instructor. There are a couple of ways to achieve this:

Learn more about Instructor Authorization.