Course Accreditation and Instructor Authorization

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To ensure top-quality learning experiences for the global community, ICAgile verifies the quality of every Member Organization’s course design and delivery through Course Accreditation and Instructor Authorization. Our accreditors have reviewed thousands of courses to ensure top-quality agile learning experiences, vetting everything from activities to the instructors facilitating them. 

Designing an ICAgile-Accredited Course

Through Membership, organizations have access to ICAgile’s Course Accreditation and Instructor Authorization services, which enable them to design and deliver ICAgile-accredited courses for certifications. 

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What is Course Accreditation?

Course Accreditation is how ICAgile validates that a learning experience meets our standards of excellence. We accredit agile courses against proven Learning Outcomes. These Learning Outcomes are built into our Learning Programs that cover key organizational capabilities. Learning providers and organizations can leverage Learning Programs to provide an ongoing and clear path for professionals who want to deepen their craft, blend agile flavors, and grow their agility.

Our Member Organizations have access to a Course Accreditation Matrix as they design the courses they want to accredit. Each Course Accreditation Matrix includes detailed information around the Learning Outcomes a course needs to meet to receive accreditation. A Member Organization designs a course using a Course Accreditation Matrix. The Member Organization can attend an optional early course feedback session and then meet with an ICAgile Accreditor for evaluation.

Once a course is accredited and the instructors are authorized, a Member Organization can offer their accredited course and the corresponding ICAgile certification to learners who successfully complete their class and meet the requirements for certification. 

Benefits of ICAgile Course Accreditation

Meet industry-leading Learning Outcomes 

Our Learning Outcomes are created in collaboration with global thought leaders and agile practitioners. They ensure that individuals are equipped with the agile mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to support their organization’s business agility journey. By accrediting and providing courses that align with our Tracks, you provide a learning path that encourages professionals to continue their journey with you.

Tailor your course content to your learners’ needs

With limited time and resources for training, making informed choices about agile courses is paramount to ensuring a return on investment. Unlike agile frameworks, ICAgile’s Learning Outcomes allow Member Organizations to design their own courseware and imbue their own experience and flavor into their courses. 

Achieve the highest standards of learning excellence 

The quality of the ICAgile Learning Outcomes and rigor of the accreditation process assures high-quality learning experiences for companies and their agile professionals. ICAgile-Accredited Courses meet the highest learning standards in course design, adult learning methods, remote delivery, and more. By conducting a custom, intensive review of each course, ICAgile ensures the relevance and effectiveness of every course. 

The “ICAgile-Accredited Course" status attests to the value and quality of an agile training course’s content. When choosing among training providers and courses, students have increased confidence in accredited learning experiences.

“The accreditation process is very rigorous, while also being informative in terms of providing a perspective on what customers value and expect, and what's still possible through remote training.” 

-Project Brillant

Create tailor-made courses with ICAgile’s Learning Outcomes. Visit our Membership page to learn more about becoming a Member Organization. 

Delivering an ICAgile-Accredited Course

What is Instructor Authorization?

Through Instructor Authorization, ICAgile verifies the teaching skills, domain knowledge, and experience of an instructor. Only instructors authorized by ICAgile can deliver ICAgile-Accredited Courses. 

“ICAgile has one of the best evaluation mechanisms for Instructor Authorizations. They touch base on all aspects from live coaching to teach-backs and demonstrating the understanding of the instructor’s learning outcomes. I love the live feedback we get after each session.” 

-Knowledgehut Solutions

Who can become an ICAgile Authorized Instructor?

Authorized Instructors have real-world experience in their subject matter and the competency to deliver top-quality training remotely and/or in person. We look for the following experience:

  • At least two years of experience in the domain they aim to teach in 
  • Experience teaching, using training tools, and a firm grasp of effective facilitation techniques 

Additional Requirement for Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-ENT), and Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) Candidate Instructors

In addition to the experience listed above, candidate ICP-ACC, ICP-ENT, and ICP-CAT instructors must also successfully complete a Professional Coaching Demonstration Session before attending an Instructor Authorization Session. This requirement is waived if the candidate holds one of the following credentials in professional coaching:

  • ACC, PCC, MCC, or ACTC from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • EIA, ESIA, or ITCA from European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • ICE-AC or ICE-EC from ICAgile 
  • Credentials must be valid/non-expired to qualify.

“From beginning to end, the level of support and communication was exceptional. Don't get me wrong, it was tough creating and accrediting the course against the Learning Outcomes and completing the Instructor Authorization, but so it should be. When you finally present your course, you will have the development and growth of attendees in your hands, which is a huge responsibility. The team at ICAgile provided outstanding guidance, clear instructions, and a passion for learning every step of the journey.” 


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