About ICAgile Certifications

Develop the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Since 2010, ICAgile has helped thousands of professionals transform themselves into skilled, agile practitioners who can blend agile methodologies and push beyond the limitations of agile processes. 

As a certification and accreditation body, we collaborate with global thought leaders and practitioners to develop Learning Outcomes that equip you with an agile mindset and the skills to become an advanced agile practitioner in your chosen discipline. Our Member Organizations accredit their courses against our comprehensive and proven Learning Outcomes and then offer classes where you can earn an ICAgile certification.

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What makes ICAgile certifications unique

Unlike other certifications, every ICAgile-accredited class takes a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach to agility. We believe that agility starts with people. The power and potential of agility grows when people have an agile mindset. When you take a class, you’ll not only learn, you’ll have a chance to practice and explore concepts in a live class setting. 

Earning an ICAgile certification shows your:

  • Commitment to learning
  • Focus on experiential learning—as opposed to book learning or memorization
  • Completion of a specific mindset-based, knowledge-based, or competency-based class

Three levels of ICAgile certifications

Foundational knowledge

foundational level

An agile mindset unleashes the brilliance of people and teams, which enables rapid discovery and faster innovation. An agile mindset is a game-changer in today's competitive business climate.

Foundations certifications equip you with an agile mindset and provide you with a foundational knowledge of agile values and principles. They focus first on “being agile” as a foundation for success in “doing agile.”

Choose the starting point for your profession. Individuals within software development and delivery disciplines should start with Agile Fundamentals. Business Agility Foundations is for individuals with roles in business, outside of the software context.

Business Agility Foundations

Jumpstart the business agility journey with an agile mindset. Learn the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate. This starting point is for professionals outside of the software delivery space (e.g., HR, Finance, Marketing)

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Agile Fundamentals

Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach. Agile Fundamentals is the starting point for professionals focused on software development and delivery (e.g., Product Ownership, DevOps).

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Knowledge-based certifications

knowledge level

Develop skills that are crucial and unique to your discipline through ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certifications. Knowledge-based certifications require dedicated time and active participation in a class to earn. Just like our foundational certifications, they take a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach.

The benefit? When you successfully complete an ICAgile-accredited class, you’ll not only earn a certification; you’ll have gained an understanding of how to apply what you learned in your unique working environment. 

Many strategic disciplines and roles are covered in over 20 knowledge-based certifications, ranging from software developers to marketers to leaders and coaches. They are grouped together into Tracks that culminate with an ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) certification.

Competency-based certifications

competency level

ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) certifications represent an advanced standard for disciplinary capability. Once you’ve completed each of the knowledge-based certifications within a learning track and demonstrate relevant experience in your unique field, you’re ready to pursue an ICE certification. Each ICE experience is unique and will push you to develop and demonstrate competency along the journey.

Achieve an ICE certification for Agile Coaching or Enterprise Coaching by successfully completing an Accredited Expert Program (AEP). This program is a cohort experience in which qualified candidates build competence alongside a group of peers. ICE certifications are recognized and respected by agile thought leaders as an endorsement of exceptional competence. 

Visit an Expert Certification page to learn more about the experience required to pursue and earn an ICAgile Certified Expert certification.

How to earn and claim your ICAgile Certification

To earn an ICAgile certification, successfully complete an ICAgile-accredited class and demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and agile mindset. Our goal is to ensure that students learn how to be agile while doing agile. Because each ICAgile-accredited class is unique to the learning provider who is delivering it, it is up to them to determine how they want to assess their students (e.g., in-class activities, group exercises, etc.). 

Learners are required to be present during all Learning Outcomes required by the course and meet the class acceptance criteria as determined by the Instructor in accordance with the Member Organization’s policies to be eligible for certification.

ICAgile does not administer or require a specific exam to become certified. Students who successfully complete a class will receive an invitation from us to provide feedback on the learning experience and claim their certificate on ICAgile.com.

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