Agility in Leadership

About this track

Organizations require a different type of leadership to thrive in today’s complex, adaptive environments. The Agility in Leadership Track is a transformational learning journey for business agility leaders and emerging leaders. It begins with leading themselves and expands to empowering the organization around them. The Learning Outcomes in this Track highlight concepts—such as emotional intelligence, leadership styles, and cultivating a culture of learning—that help leaders build their ability to effectively develop themselves and others.

Start with an agile mindset

Business Agility Foundations

Jumpstart the business agility journey with an agile mindset. Learn the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate. This starting point is for professionals outside of the software delivery space (e.g., HR, Finance, Marketing).

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Track Details

The knowledge-based certifications in this Track are Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) and People Development (ICP-PDV). Once learners obtain this foundation, they can participate in an Accredited Expert Program in pursuit of the ICAgile Certified Expert in Agility in Leadership (ICE-AL) designation.

Leading with Agility

Effective leadership requires leading yourself first. Develop an adaptive and agile leadership style.

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People Development

Create an environment for people to thrive. Enable growth in others while modeling an agile mindset as an agile leader or agile manager.

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Additional Recommended Certifications

ICAgile recommends the following certifications as supplemental learning for professionals embarking on this track.

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