Enterprise Membership

ICAgile’s Enterprise Membership is designed for corporate entities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations committed to nurturing an agile workforce from within. At the heart of our offering is the recognition that true agility is cultivated through a foundation of learning, experimentation, and continuous improvement.

This membership type is not intended for organizations that sell training and/or consulting.

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Your Role as an Enterprise Member

As an enterprise member, your role is pivotal in fostering a dynamic internal ecosystem of learning and development. Tailored exclusively for organizations committed to cultivating the skills of their workforce without the need for external certification, this membership is designed for those who prioritize upskilling and training their internal employees.

Embracing an internal transformation approach that isn’t framework-based, your organization distinguishes itself by focusing on bespoke strategies that align with your unique objectives and corporate culture. You are dedicated to the holistic development and retention of your workforce, and recognize the profound impact that investing in your employees can have on the long-term success and resilience of your enterprise.

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The Importance of Learning Organizations

Thriving organizations are learning organizations because knowledge and adaptability are imperative to success in today’s complex and rapidly evolving world. Learning organizations foster a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement, empower their people to innovate, build new competencies, and adopt a growth mindset. The result is an organization powered by a resilient workforce that can sense market shifts, adapt to changing environments, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Membership Benefits


Prominent Recognition:

Feature prominently on the ICAgile website as a certified business agility enterprise, showcasing your commitment to internal excellence


Streamlined Training:

Take advantage of ICAgile’s Train the Trainer sessions for your internal trainers, ensuring they are well-equipped to impart agile knowledge and skills, replacing the need for instructor authorization sessions


Tailored Certifications:

Collaborate with ICAgile to craft co-branded unique internal certifications tailored to your organization’s needs, setting you apart as leaders in business agility


Strategic Guidance:

Receive an ICAgile trusted advisor’s review of your overall learning and development plan, including current training materials to optimize your internal training strategy


Access to Expertise:

Gain access to ICAgile’s extensive trainer development materials and expertise, fostering continuous growth within your internal training team


Exclusive Networking:

Enjoy complimentary access to executive enterprise round tables and learning experiences, connecting with industry leaders and visionaries


Community Engagement:

Immerse yourself in the agile world with complimentary access to regular ICAgile community events


Innovate Together:

Collaborate with ICAgile in creating new enterprise offerings, influencing the future of agile learning


Dedicated Support:

Dedicated ICAgile partnership manager to assist you in utilizing your Enterprise Membership benefits and preparing for your course accreditation sessions


Discounted Services:

Benefit from a fixed 10% discount off the published pricing for ICAgile's Accreditation and Authorization services to further grow your company’s portfolio and internal instructor roster.

Pricing is tailored based on your organization’s needs.

Characteristics of Enterprise Members

Corporations, government entities, nonprofits, and other large organizations who want to:

  • Accelerate their agile evolution and provide contextualized training tailored to the organization’s specific needs and goals
  • Create venues to demonstrate your commitment to investing in your employees
  • Leverage tailored agile methodologies to enhance efficiency and outcomes within your organization
  • Access exclusive resources and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among other Enterprise Members for sustained agile growth
  • Develop a roster of highly-skilled internal experts who be deployed internally to provide support and guidance to help us achieve our goals
  • Seek a non-framework based approach to their internal transformation
  • Increase employee development, satisfaction, and retention

Onboarding Process

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
After signing the MNDA, review our Enterprise Services Catalog

Vendor Setup
We'll provide a package of information to assist in adding ICAgile to your supplier list and systems

Meet with our team to complete your orientation and discuss your organizational needs and desired outcomes

Scope of Work
Work with our team to create the initial scope of work. Choose from service bundles, subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go models

Initial Invoice
After paying the initial invoice or issuing a purchase order, we will start delivering your chosen services in support of achieving your desired outcomes

Course & Trainer Assessments
Attend sessions to accredit courses and authorize trainers

Begin Delivering Courses
Provide industry-recognized ICAgile certification to employees

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