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Learning is a vital part of the business agility journey. With ICAgile’s help, you can bring globally-recognized, high-quality learning programs to your entire organization.

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Beginning the Agile Journey

Over the years, we’ve seen that organizations face many challenges on their agile journey. Lack of leadership support, a top-down, risk-averse culture, and resistance to change can all stall transformation. To succeed with agility, all parts of the organization need to be aligned and working together.

Luckily, ICAgile’s Learning Programs are thoughtfully designed to help organizations overcome barriers they face on their agile transformation journey.

Accelerate Your Journey with ICAgile-Accredited Learning

Foundational Courses

One of the biggest barriers to agile adoption is company culture. Our Foundational courses help an organization build a shared language around agile mindsets, values, and principles to break down barriers to collaboration and set the groundwork for agility.

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Leading Change

Once the groundwork is set, the right environment needs to be created and maintained for agility to thrive. This requires full support from senior leadership. Our Leading Change Learning Program helps leaders create the cultural and behavioral changes that support agility throughout an organization. It also helps coaches build the competencies they need to help leaders and organizations flourish in today’s complex work environments.

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Value Delivery

ICAgile’s Value Delivery Learning Program helps product and engineering teams thrive in rapidly changing technical environments and take a customer-centric approach to product development. Teams learn how to surprise and delight customers by delivering a great product efficiently.

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Organizational Enablement

Often, HR, finance, and marketing teams are the least familiar with Agile. As a result, they may need personalized support to change their thinking. ICAgile’s Organizational Enablement Learning Program is designed to help these teams shift their mindset and structure so they can embrace agility.

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Bring Business Agility Learning to Your Organization

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