What Does ICAgile Do?

ICAgile is an accreditation and certification body for agile training.

ICAgile provides formal, third-party quality assurance of agile courses and course instructors. Courses and instructors that meet our standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best. We also issue globally-recognized certifications to individuals who complete accredited courses and demonstrate competency along our learning pathways.

Develop Learning Outcomes

ICAgile collaborates with agile thought leaders to develop standards of learning, called Learning Outcomes, for agile courses. Our Learning Outcomes are internationally-recognized and aligned with the highest industry standards.

Once an organization has created a course aligned to the appropriate Learning Outcomes, the accreditation process begins.

“The Learning Outcomes are so comprehensive and they reference so much best practice thinking. They are really the best reference tool for, ‘What do I need to know about this subject?’”

-Bank of New Zealand

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Course Accreditation

During the accreditation process, our accreditors verify that the course meets all necessary learning outcomes and that the course design and delivery are interactive and conducive to making learning stick. Our accreditors are practicing agilists with deep domain expertise and have reviewed thousands of courses, vetting everything from activities to the instructors facilitating them.

“From beginning to end, the level of support and communication [during the accreditation process] was exceptional. Don't get me wrong, it was tough creating and accrediting the course against the Learning Outcomes and completing the Instructor Authorization, but so it should be…The team at ICAgile provided outstanding guidance, clear instructions, and a passion for learning every step of the journey.”


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Instructor Authorization

In order to teach an ICAgile-accredited course, an instructor must be authorized by ICAgile. During the authorization session, an ICAgile accreditor verifies the teaching skills, domain knowledge, and experience of an instructor. Authorized instructors need to have at least two years of experience in the domain in which they want to teach, in addition to teaching and facilitation experience.

“ICAgile's instructor authorization process sets the industry bar for quality. I am honored to join the ranks of agile instructors who have deep and meaningful experience and want to share it with the world in engaging training sessions.”

-Alex Sloley, Agile Twist

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Upon successfully accrediting their course and authorizing their instructors, the organization can deliver their accredited-training to learners. After learners complete an ICAgile-accredited course and share course feedback, they earn an internationally-recognized certification. Ninety-six percent of ICAgile certificate holders would recommend ICAgile certification to others. As an additional benefit, ICAgile does not charge certification renewal fees.

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Bring Accredited Learning to Your Organization

In order to receive our accreditation and authorization services, an organization must join ICAgile as a Member Organization. Alternatively, you can also work with one of our existing Member Organizations to bring ICAgile-accredited agile training to your organization.

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