What is Business Agility?

Unlock the potential of your organization with ICAgile-accredited learning.

Business agility is the ability to continuously delight customers and inspire employees in the midst of emerging challenges. It is the collective agility of people that is developed from a culture of learning.

Developing business agility

Fuel agility with learning

There is no single framework, software, or magical process that will give an organization more agility. Thriving agile organizations are learning organizations. They foster a culture of continuous and organization-wide learning to sustain the agility of their leaders and practitioners, who can, in turn, delight customers. 

This human-centered approach to business, together with flexible teams and networks, paves the way for better workplaces that bring out the best in people, for people. (That’s our kind of magic.)

Bring out the best in people, for people

When an organization adopts a culture of learning, it’s investing in and enabling people’s collective agility. It encourages employees across the organization to embrace uncertainty, use experimentation, and see failure as part of learning. 

This, in turn, unlocks the organization’s potential, allowing it to become more agile and competitive in its markets and, more importantly, deliver more meaningful and valuable experiences to its customers. 

Start your business agility journey

Organizations need to have a sustainable, comprehensive path toward business agility. ICAgile Learning Roadmaps represent the learning journeys organizations can take toward business agility. They support organizations in creating a culture of learning that will enable business agility across all critical areas. 

The Business Agility Learning Roadmap represents the capabilities and deep, transformational learning journeys needed to unleash your organization's potential.

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The Agile Delivery Learning Roadmap represents the capabilities needed to empathize with customers and responsively develop and deliver portfolios of valuable products to them.

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