Agility Beyond Frameworks

ICAgile enables your organization to achieve high-quality, impactful learning by emphasizing agility beyond frameworks and roles, focusing on the mindset and skills needed to drive organizational change.

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Certified Learning for All Professionals

Agile isn't limited to IT. Dynamic organizations seek skill-building training for all, such as marketers, executives, HR, and finance professionals.

ICAgile offers internationally recognized, role-agnostic programs as your comprehensive training solution throughout the agile transformation journey.

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Trusted by Organizations Around the World

Rooted in an Agile Mindset

Organizations favor ICAgile for its agile approach beyond frameworks. We recognize that teams vary, and a one-size-fits-all framework may not suffice, especially without essential mindset shifts.

Our Learning Outcomes prioritize agile principles and mindset development, equipping learners to adapt frameworks and processes to meet evolving organizational needs.

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96% of respondents surveyed by Indeed would recommend an ICAgile certification

More than 270K certifications have been awarded globally

Backed by 50+ industry thought leaders and experts

Rigorous, Customizable Training

Crafting a course tailored to your industry, context, and company culture ensures that your content stays relevant. This approach facilitates team alignment, the adoption of a common language, and the cultivation of the mindset necessary for fostering business agility.

We take pride in being your accreditation partner, guaranteeing that your courses offer top-notch, internationally-recognized training. Additionally, we validate your instructors' teaching skills, domain expertise, and practical experience to provide your participants with the best learning experience.

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No Certification Renewal Fees

Students appreciate ICAgile because we eliminate certification renewal fees. Once you earn an ICAgile-accredited certification, it's yours for life. We prioritize investing in ongoing learning rather than paying recurring fees, mirroring the approach of universities and academic institutions. This also translates to valuable cost savings for organizations covering employee training and certification expenses year after year.

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