Set the Stage for Agility

Start your agile journey with our Foundational courses, designed to equip everyone in your organization with the shared language and mindset they need for successful agile transformation.

Benefits of Foundational Courses

Help everyone at your organization develop an agile mindset, allowing them to embrace change, view failure as a learning opportunity, and continuously improve.

Focus on values, mindset, and principles as you learn agile methodologies so that you can apply and tailor agile practices to meet the emerging needs of your organization.

Teach a customer-centric and value-driven approach to better meet your customer’s needs in a changing world.

ICAgile offers two foundational courses, each designed for a different audience.

Agile Fundamentals

Designed for professionals focused on software development and delivery (e.g. product ownership, engineering, DevOps)

Key Topics
  • Agile origins, mindset, values, and principles
  • Customer and user involvement for Value-driven development
  • Collaboration and communication for agile team delivery
Business Agility Foundations

Designed for for individuals outside of the software delivery space (e.g. C-suite, HR, finance, marketing)

Key Topics
  • Developing a growth mindset for agility
  • Adopting new ways of thinking and differentiating behaviors
  • Frameworks, tools, and techniques for implementing and sustaining business agility

Build on Your Foundation

After completing a Foundational course, your team members will have the tools to establish an agile mindset and shared language for collaboration. Continue your agile journey with ICAgile’s Learning Programs.

Leading Change

For leaders and coaches at all levels. Create a culture that supports agility throughout an organization.

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Value Delivery

For product and engineering teams. Delight your audience with high-quality products.

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Organizational Enablement

For non-IT roles, including HR, Finance, and Marketing. Accelerate the journey toward business agility.

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