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Certification Class Track Course Description Delivery Method
ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transformations Enterprise Agile Transitions through ICP CAT Enterprise Coaching for Agility ICP CAT is a knowledge-based certification in the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track. Objective of this workshop or programme is to build competency in the area of Enterprise Agile Coaching. Participants will experience the core elements of an Agile Transformation at Enterprise level, following are the key learning outcomes: KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES: - Deep Dive of Enterprise Agile Coaching (EAC) Competencies - Experience development path towards Personal and Professional Mastery - Understanding How Organization and Human Change Processes happens - Agile Mindset required for Change Management - Explore Agile Transition and Transformation Change Strategies - Manage Organisational Impediments - Design Communication and Education strategies for Agile transitions - Learn how to facilitate Large Group events Remote
ICAgile Certified Professional - Enterprise Agile Coaching Agility in the Enterprise Enterprise Coaching for Agility Agility in the Enterprise Remote
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Project and Delivery Management Agile Project and Delivery Management Classroom / Online Training (ICP-APM) Delivery Management The Agile Project and Delivery Management certification verifies that the bearer possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver efficient Lean and Agile products using a variety of approaches such as projects, products and value streams. Designees will be able to identify dependencies and barriers, provide immediate feedback and learning, and contribute to incremental value creation. Remote