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ICAgile Certified Professional Reframing Agility Agile Fundamentals The world is embracing Agility more each day. Generally the focus has been on tools, processes, SCRUM, Kanban, SAFE, and other buzzwords. We learn these things in classes and struggle to implement them sustainably when we get back home. We run into problems, the processes don't always have the intended effects, and sometimes our teams become cynical or jaded about the approach. All the while we're doing the steps exactly as described. What's going wrong here? Our belief is that the focus is wrong. That it's the mindset, the "being" portion of Agility that's missed. "Reframing Agility" is our Agile Fundamentals course we'll focus on building a culture, a way of thinking, and get under the surface of the "why" behind all of these processes and techniques. We've seen that teaching the right mentality and first principles leads to a real understanding of Agility. Understanding brings adaptability in solving problems and creating processes that work on the ground every day. Attendees will leave with just that after this 2 day course. Remote