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ICAgile Certified Professional - Foundations of DevOps Foundations of DevOps DevOps This two-day workshop prepares you to gain an understanding of the guiding principles and enabling practices of DevOps, and most importantly to utilize the ideas within your own situations and projects. We’ll cover the essential concepts that move us towards integrated value delivery and along the way we will explore specific tools, behaviors and dispel some of the myths that surround DevOps. The structure of the workshop is a mix of theory reinforced with practical exercises and demonstrations that touch upon all components of the delivery pipeline from configuration & build management, test & infrastructure automation, monitoring and release management. This course aligns with ICAgile’s newest learning track, the DevOps track, which begins with this foundational certificate targeted to those interested in or already undergoing a DevOps transition. Join this workshop to earn your ICP-FDO certification. The ICP-FDO is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs) on the DevOps Track. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Testing Agile Testing (ICP-TST): Test Early, Test Often Agile Testing While testing and the role of a tester within agile teams has evolved over the years, effective testing within the agile context remains elusive for most teams and organizations. This 2-day workshop introduces participants across all disciplines to the guiding principles of agile testing and enabling practices. It compares and contrasts agile and traditional software testing approaches and exposes participants to a wide range of topics that include agile testing strategies, techniques, including pragmatic approaches to multi-level test automation. Participants will gain an understanding of the tightly coupled nature of testing and development, and the high degree of collaboration necessary across roles and functions to drive quality. Continuous testing is the only way to ensure continuous progress and in this session, we will explore practices and techniques that embrace: - Whole Team Accountability over Independent Responsibility - Automatic Verification over Manual Regression - Exploration over Inspection - Test-first over Test-last This workshop will go beyond the theory, to provide real world, practical insights to jumpstart your team on their Agile testing journey, or take current performance to the next level. Exercises, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, tooling examples and more are interwoven throughout to illustrate the principles being taught in a comprehensive fashion, based on real world experience. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Agility Foundations IC-Agile Certified Business Agility Foundations Business Agility Foundations Tools and techniques for enabling and implementing business agility through the development of high performing teams, design thinking, experimentation, customer value discovery, and the acceleration of value through the entire value stream. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Testing Agile Testing – Virtual 2 Day Certified Course (ICP-TST) Agile Testing Manual verification practices and hand-offs restrain agile processes. While testing, and the role of a tester within Agile teams has evolved over the years, effective testing remains elusive for most teams and organizations. As testing shifts from being a phase-based activity to being continuous, and testers shift from being quality cops to quality informants, providing information about the emerging product and exposing risks for the team, some key questions for teams and organizations are: • How can you detect issues, failures and product direction earlier? • How can you increase collaboration to diagnose and remediate faster? • How can you best pursue continuous experimentation and learning? Automation supports agility and the feedback loops inherent in comprehensive and reliable automated tests are essential to balance speed with quality, while being responsive to change. However, to produce quality software, test automation alone isn’t enough. Testing within the agile context is a whole team effort and is as much about mindset, as it is about automation skills and tools. Agile testing is hard to get right and as practitioners having applied collaborative continuous testing techniques in the enterprise, we bring credible real-world experience and examples on how to drive value from testing. We believe continuous testing is the only way to ensure continuous progress. To improve the process and build quality into the product, we value:  Whole Team Accountability over Independent Responsibility  Automatic Verification over Manual Regression  Exploration over Inspection  Test-first over Test-last The course is structured to address these core tenets. Remote
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation ICAgile Certified Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) Agile Team Coaching This IC-Agile accredited course will give you practical tools to skillfully facilitate Agile teams or groups to desired outcomes. If Scrum Master training tells you WHAT to do, this explores and demonstrates HOW to do it. Earn ICAgile’s ICP-ATF designation upon course completion. Adept facilitators have an understanding of themselves, their own biases and how it shapes their engagement with development teams. This course will enable you to be more self-aware of your own biases and their impact. We will explore the underpinnings of common meeting and agile ceremony failures and how to prevent them. In this interactive workshop, we expose participants to techniques used to charter new software development teams, reset existing ones, re-organize to product outcome-driven meetings, and facilitate effective feature prioritization. While Agile ceremonies are used as the basis of many of the learning objectives, these skills are well beyond useful outside of the Agile framework. Features Facilitated by thought leaders with a decade or more of real world Agile experience Applied Theory, not Agile 101 Heavy focus on learning by doing Interactive exercises that engage the attendees Broadened Career Path for Scrum Masters Who Should Attend Scrum masters, Managers, Team leads, Agile Facilitators, Aspiring Agile Coaches Remote