Empower people, respond to change, and maximize value across projects, programs, and portfolios.


The Delivery Management Track introduces core agile concepts such as servant leadership, adaptive planning, frequent feedback for learning, and a focus on value-driven versus plan-driven delivery. Courses compare and contrast agile management with traditional management approaches and give participants principles and tools to apply in their teams and organizations. Learning outcomes focus on delivering agile projects as well as applying agile management principles beyond projects to programs, portfolios, and broader organizational contexts. The knowledge-based certifications on this track are Agile Project and Delivery Management and Delivery at Scale. Once learners obtain this foundation upon which to build competence, they can apply for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Delivery Management (ICE-DM.)

This track is developed for: 
Existing and new Delivery Managers using any approach will gain the most from the first knowledge-based certification on this track. The more advanced content targets those managing agile delivery at scale across programs and portfolios. Delivery Managers who wish to build deep competence and differentiate themselves from their peers should pursue the competency-based expert certification.


Delivery Management Track Certifications

To qualify and apply for the competency-based ICAgile Certified Expert in Delivery Management (ICE-DM) certification, you must earn the two knowledge-based certifications on the Delivery Management track. 



Major Track Themes
Agility and Delivery Management

Dealing with change and uncertainty is the new normal. The era of knowledge work is much more conducive to an inspect and adapt approach as opposed to command and control approach.


Empowering People and Teams

The best solutions happen when teams are empowered to self-organize and unleash their creativity and brilliance. Shared ownership and accountability can lead to astonishing results.

Maximizing Value Delivered 

The fundamental paradigm shift to a value-driven vs. plan-driven approach is paramount for managing agile delivery. Those who can identify, deliver, and measure value are positioned to succeed.

Agile Delivery at Enterprise Scale

Transitioning to Agile isn't easy. Agile Delivery Managers face unique challenges when advocating an agile mindset at program, portfolio, and enterprise levels. This track provides tools to overcome these challenges.


    "ICAgile certifications prove you can do the work because you've met a certain set of learning outcomes. It means you can already do the work we are asking you to do. " 

    Matt Anderson Director at Cerner

    ICAgile thanks the Delivery Management Track Contributors:

    Shannon Ewan

    Mike Griffiths

    Shane Hastie

    Derek Heuther

    Pat Reed

    Dennis Stevens