ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC)

The ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC) is an industry-leading designation representing an advanced standard for disciplinary capability. This competency-based certification is the culmination of ICAgile’s Enterprise Coaching for Agility Learning Track, building upon the knowledge-based certifications in Agility in the Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transitions.

The competencies required of candidates pursuing ICE-EC certification were developed by international thought leaders at the fore of agile learning, depicting the rigor and breadth of practical skills required to be an effective practitioner in the discipline of Enterprise Coaching.

Individuals can earn the ICE-EC by successfully completing an Accredited Expert Program (AEP). These intensive programs — offered by leaders in the domain of Enterprise Coaching — guide qualified candidates on a journey to build competence over time alongside a cohort of peers. Vetted for quality, each Accredited Expert Program enables candidates to sharpen competencies in a real-world setting with ongoing feedback from facilitators and fellow candidates.


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