Product Ownership

About this track

The Product Ownership Track emphasizes a customer-focused approach and practice to maximize value delivery at various levels within organizations. Whether you work on one product or multiple interrelated programs, this Track offers techniques for identifying and building value, engaging with customers, and managing product ownership challenges. The Learning Outcomes highlight concepts around organizational alignment, adaptive planning, the establishment of value teams to set priorities, and techniques for spreading value-based approaches.

Start with an agile mindset

Agile Fundamentals

Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach. Agile fundamentals is the starting point for professionals focused on software development and delivery (e.g., product ownership, DevOps).

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Track Details

The knowledge-based certifications in this Track are Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO) and Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO).

Agile Product Ownership

Discover the Agile Product Ownership techniques needed to deliver value-based software such as personas, story mapping, acceptance criteria, and prioritization.

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Enterprise Product Ownership

Build the product ownership behaviors and skills necessary to transform an output-based enterprise into an impact and outcome-driven organization.

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Additional Recommended Certifications

ICAgile recommends the following certifications as supplemental learning for professionals embarking on this track.

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