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ICAgile's Transformation Membership is tailored for organizations that aspire to be influential catalysts for positive change. Join now and showcase your leading-edge transformation approach.

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Your Role as a Transformation Member

As a Transformation Member, you are recognized for your expertise in delivering practical and impactful learning beyond frameworks. With your impressive track record, you bring a wealth of experience in guiding successful transformations.

Your principle-based, rather than framework-based, approach ensures that your strategies are built on a strong foundation of both best practices and real-world experiences. You've also played a pivotal role in shaping corporate learning strategies, helping organizations create or optimize their training and development initiatives.

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Membership Benefits

Enhanced Recognition & Global Exposure:

Boost your status as an industry expert on the ICAgile website, highlighting your transformative skills. Gain a platform to share transformative skills, insights, and thought leadership globally.

Referral Network:

Leverage active referrals to initiate new transformation projects, enabling your organization to increase its influence, expand its reach, and make a lasting impact on organizational endeavors.

Discounted ICAgile Services:

Benefit from a fixed 5% discount off the published pricing for ICAgile's Accreditation and Authorization services to further grow your training portfolio and instructors.

ICAgile Events & Select Partner Events:

Enjoy discounted access to ICAgile events for networking and learning. Connect with industry thought leaders and communities to exchange unique, boundary-breaking stories.

Exclusive Member Access:

Maximize your training capabilities by leveraging internationally recognized learning outcomes. Receive expert guidance through services available to our members such as course accreditation and instructor authorization.

Award Globally-Recognized Certifications:

Gain a competitive advantage for your training offerings and inspire organizations by educating individuals and teams in better ways of working. Become a catalyst for certified learning journeys by delivering in-demand education and certifications.

Characteristics of Transformation Members

Transformation Approach
Demonstrate a track record of guiding organizations in principle-based transformation journeys.

Training Competency
Exhibit training competency by actively delivering learning experiences.

Client Impact
Present testimonials and case studies highlighting positive and tangible outcomes of the transformation approach for clients.


Application Fee
USD 2000
Due at the time of application.

Annual Fee
USD 2000
Invoiced January 1st following membership activation and on an annual basis thereafter.

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Application Process

The ICAgile Transformation Membership is your bridge to recognition, collaboration, and growth in the Agile transformation landscape. Join us today and reshape the future of business agility. Your success is our mission!

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"Many organizations are looking for new and better ways of working. The sessions that ICAgile provides helps organizations with the hardest and most valuable part: changing their culture to be more collaborative and inclusive, setting the foundation for successful transformation."

-Nathan Richardson, PricewaterhouseCoopers

96% of respondents surveyed by Indeed would recommend an ICAgile certification to others

More than 1,300+ courses accredited to advance organizations towards business agility

More than 270K certifications have been awarded globally

Become a Transformational Member and unleash your potential to drive change