Explore the highly collaborative and disciplined nature of Agile Testing.


The Agile Testing Track covers a wide range of topics including the differences between agile and traditional software testing approaches, agile testing strategies and techniques, and test automation. Participants will also gain an understanding of the tightly-coupled nature of agile testing and development throughout the course of product development, and the necessary degree of collaboration among the business, developers, and testers to produce high-value, high-quality software. The knowledge-based certifications in this track are Agile Testing and Agile Test Automation. Once students obtain this foundation upon which to build competence, they can apply for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Testing (ICE-AT.)

This track is developed for: 
Agile testers, test engineers, or those aspiring to these roles with a passion for software quality and a desire to learn and practice agile test automation. Test Managers with an interest in learning or improving automation skills and developers with an interest in automation beyond unit testing will also benefit from the knowledge-based certifications. Agile Testers who wish to build deep competence and differentiate themselves from their peers should pursue the competency-based expert certification.


Agile Testing Track Certifications

To qualify and apply for the competency-based ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Testing (ICE-AT), you must earn the two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Testing track. 



Major Track Themes
Agile Testing Mindset

Internalize the mindset that enables high-quality products with a low cost of change. Leverage the testing quadrants to gain alignment on building quality in.

Testing Techniques

Learn key test engineering practices and techniques such as test-driven development, acceptance test-driven development, and exploratory testing.

Agile Testing Process

Understand how agile teams plan, implement, perform and report on testing outcomes. Learn to manage test data and collaborate across teams in an agile environment.

Test Automation

Discover automation strategies and frameworks, types of test automation, and the who, what, and when of the overall automation effort.



    "ICAgile certifications prove you can do the work because you've met a certain set of learning outcomes. It means you can already do the work we are asking you to do. " 

    Matt Anderson Director at Cerner

    ICAgile thanks the Agile Testing Track Contributors:

    Janet Gregory

    Jeff Payne

    Sharon Robson