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The ICP-ATA is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Testing Track. The certification focuses primarily on test automation from an agile tester’s perspective as opposed to a programmer’s perspective. Students will learn how to set up an overall test automation strategy, including determining which types of tests are better suited for automated versus manual execution. The certification also highlights strategies for creating automated story and feature tests as well as system and integration tests. Because courses are technology-agnostic, participants will write automated tests using pseudo-code in the classroom. This also helps maximize opportunities for students to learn from one another, regardless of their individual technical expertise. If you are ready to increase your knowledge about the world of test automation, this is the right certification for you.


Typically, training providers will cover the required learning outcomes for this certification in approximately 7 to 10 hours of instructional activities over the course of one or two days.


Agile Test Automation
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Target Audience

Agile testers, test engineers, or those aspiring to these roles with a passion for software quality and a desire to learn and practice agile test automation. Test Managers with an interest in learning or improving automation skills and developers with an interest in automation beyond unit testing will also benefit from this certification.


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