Develop a rich understanding of the complexity and scope of enterprise agile.


One of ICAgile's most advanced tracks, the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track equips agile coaching practitioners to work effectively at the enterprise-level. Learning Outcomes span a variety of areas key to Enterprise Coaching effectiveness including organizational design, enterprise agile frameworks, executive / leadership coaching, large group facilitation, and change management strategies. The knowledge-based certifications in this track are Agility in the Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transitions. Once learners obtain this foundation upon which to build competence, they can apply for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching.

This track is developed for: 
Relevant roles include enterprise, program and team-level Agile Coaches, Agile Team Facilitators, or anyone aspiring to these roles. Also, anyone with a strong background in change management and/or organizational design and a curiosity about agile approaches at the enterprise-level will benefit from these courses. Agile Coaches working at the enterprise level who wish to build deep competency and differentiate themselves from their peers should pursue the Expert certification.


Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track Certifications

To qualify and apply for the competence-based ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC) certification, you must earn the two certifications on the Enterprise Coaching for Agility track. 



Major Track Themes
Enterprise Coaching Skills and Scope

Understand the considerable breadth of the field of enterprise agile coaching, the path to professional mastery, and the ethical considerations therein.


Enterprise Agility: Structures and Process

Analyze current organizational structures against common agile paradigms; Learn to analyze business processes at the organizational level and determine how to make them more agile. 

Enterprise Agility: Leadership and Culture

Work with Executive teams to understand organizational needs; leverage leadership development models; engage all organizational levels in conversations about cultural change.

Change and Enterprise Agile Transitions

Learn how to work with organizations to enact agile transition strategies; manage organizational impediments; realize the fruits of agility at an enterprise level.



    "ICAgile certifications prove you can do the work because you've met a certain set of learning objectives. It means you can already do the work we are asking you to do. " 

    Matt Anderson Director at Cerner

    ICAgile thanks the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track Contributors:

    Marsha Acker

    Lyssa Adkins

    Pete Behrens

    Kevin Callahan

    Michele Madore

    Simon Powers

    Michael Spayd