Becoming an ICAgile Member Organization

As an international accreditation and certification body, ICAgile provides world-class Learning Outcomes created in collaboration with industry thought leaders. These Learning Outcomes are aligned to various disciplines, such as Agile Coaching, Product Ownership, and Agility in Leadership, and are designed to help people gain the necessary knowledge and competencies to fuel and enable organizational agility. 

ICAgile proudly partners with our Member Organizations (MOs) who then design and accredit their learning experiences in alignment with our Learning Outcomes. Our partnership with our Member Organizations ensures their learning experiences and instructors meet our rigorous teaching and learning standards, allowing learners to embark on competency-based learning journeys.   When a course is accredited by ICAgile, the MO is able to offer their accredited course and the corresponding ICAgile certification to learners who successfully complete their class. Courses can be accredited for in-person and/or remote delivery and can be delivered as public and private classes. 

In support of our commitment to our larger community, ICAgile carefully reviews membership applications to find organizations that are mission-aligned and equipped to deliver top-quality learning experiences. Specifically, our application committee reviews applications based on three key criteria:

Mission Alignment

How well an organization is aligned to ICAgile's mission of advancing the state of agile learning globally.

Competency Alignment

To what extent the organization can deliver high quality learning experiences with instructors who have the necessary capabilities, domain knowledge, and real-world experience.

Business Alignment

How equipped the organization is to provide support to their learner community and continuously improve their learning experiences in service to the global agile community.

Steps to Join

ICAgile is eager to learn more about your organization! To be considered as a Member Organization you must first submit an application.


Submit an Application. ICAgile’s application committee reviews submissions twice a month. You will receive a notification of the committee’s decisions and potential next steps within 10 business days.


Sign a Member Agreement. If your organization is approved to proceed by the committee, ICAgile will issue you a Member Agreement for signature.


Submit the Initiation FeeThis one-time fee allows us to add your organization to providing you with access to accreditation resources.


Accredit Your Courseware. Accredit your own in-person or remote course for internal and/or external delivery.




Pricing And Services
Products and Services Pricing
Professional Certification Units $60 USD per certification
Course Accreditation $3500 USD per accredited course
(Up to 4 instructors & 1 delivery method)
Accreditation for Additional Delivery Method $1000 USD
Instructor Authorization $1000 USD per authorization session
(Up to 4 instructors)

Professional Certification Units
When students successfully complete an ICAgile-accredited class, the MO pays a fee of Sixty US Dollars per student to ICAgile prior to certification issuance.

Course Accreditation
ICAgile accredits courses against internationally-recognized Learning Outcomes (LOs) and assesses the domain knowledge and content knowledge of instructors to ensure high-quality learning experiences for course participants.

Member Organizations pay ICAgile a flat fee of Three Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars to accredit a course. This payment is made when booking a Course Accreditation session with ICAgile.

The Course Accreditation fee includes:
  • Pre-accreditation Review: The MO’s course materials and course accreditation matrix are reviewed asynchronously by an ICAgile accreditor prior to the Course Accreditation session.
  • Course Accreditation Session: Course Accreditation sessions are conducted via a live video-conference meeting and typically last three hours.
  • Authorization of Up to Four Instructors: Up to four instructors can participate in each Course Accreditation session to receive authorization upon successful completion of the session. If the MO is interested in authorizing more than four instructors, they must schedule additional Instructor Authorization sessions (Instructor Authorization is explained below).
Instructor Authorization
To ensure high-quality learning experiences for course participants, ICAgile meets with every instructor before s/he is authorized to teach an ICAgile-accredited class. Instructor Authorization sessions are conducted via a live video-conference meeting and typically last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Instructor Authorization Sessions are held when instructors who did not attend the Course Accreditation Session are seeking authorization to teach the ICAgile-accredited courses.
Member Organizations pay ICAgile a flat fee of One Thousand US Dollars per Instructor Authorization session. ICAgile can accommodate up to four instructors per session. This payment is made when booking a Course Accreditation session with ICAgile.

Instructors who wish to become an ICAgile Authorized Instructor must meet the following requirements:
  • The instructor has worked in at least two agile teams for at least one year each
  • The instructor has co-trained or independently taught adult learning courses, and can provide evidence of, or feedback from, these classes if asked.
Instructors who wish to become an ICAgile Authorized Instructor for ICP-ACC must meet the following requirement in addition to the aforementioned requirements:
  • The instructor holds an ICE-AC or ICF credential, or has professional coaching experience to the level required for the ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) designation. (If the instructor does not hold the ICE-AC and/or ICF, s/he must be able to competently conduct a demo of professional coaching.)
Membership Fees For All Member Organizations
Membership Fees Pricing
Initiation Fee $1500 USD per Organization
Annual Support Fee $1000 USD per Organization
(This fee is frequently waived, per conditions below.)

Initiation Fee
In order to join ICAgile, each MO pays an initiation fee of One Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars. This covers initial on-boarding, access to accreditation resources, orientation to ICAgile's member portal, and other benefits enjoyed by ICAgile Member Organizations.

Annual Support Fee
This fee is for ongoing support of the MO’s records and information in This fee is waived for any MO that accumulates at least 100 paid certifications per calendar year. This can be done on a per student or pre-paid certification unit basis and is easily attainable for the vast majority of MOs.



Still have questions? See our FAQs on Becoming a Member Organization.