Achieve Sustainable Agility

At ICAgile, we believe that organizational agility is achieved when both the processes and the people implementing them are agile. That is, the power of agility grows when people take an agile approach to their work.

We help organizations unlock the power of agility by verifying that all the learning experiences they provide to their employees lead to agile mastery.  We do this by working with course providers to accredit courses against proven learning outcomes. By delivering accredited learning to your organization, you can benefit from agile professionals who know how to be agile while doing agile. 

Ready to build internal agile capability? Here’s how:
Accredit Your Own Courses

If your organization has custom courseware, ICAgile can accredit your courses to ensure they meet proven learning outcomes, which were established by worldwide experts. Following the accreditation, your organization can offer ICAgile knowledge-based certifications as a way to track and celebrate your employees' agile learning journeys.

Bring in Accredited Courses

If your organization doesn’t have custom courseware, we’ll connect you to our wide network of training providers who deliver ICAgile-accredited courses to organizations.  If you have a preferred training provider that is not an ICAgile Member Organization, we can work with them to accredit their courses, too.

Key Benefits


Because ICAgile doesn't create or provide courseware, you're able to design your own courseware in a way that makes sense for your organization. And since we are methodology neutral, your courses can incorporate and blend any methodologies as appropriate for your organization. ICAgile will then accredit these courses to ensure your courses meet key learning objectives that lead to competence in agile disciplines.


ICAgile provides learning tracks for various disciplines, allowing you to provide a wide range of training that meets your organizational needs. In addition, ICAgile’s learning team regularly evolves existing learning journeys and crafts new experiences to help its members stay on the cutting edge of agile learning.


ICAgile provides accreditation that lives with the content, not the trainer. Therefore, there is no risk of losing your accredited status if a given trainer leaves your organization.


Accredited courses can be modularized and delivered over a period of time to minimize the burden on employees of having to dedicate two to three consecutive days.


Once an organization joins as an ICAgile Member Organization, they have access to accreditation services and can offer ICAgile certifications from any of ICAgile’s many learning tracks.  
No. Please feel free to reach out to a Member Organization directly if you are interested in having them deliver ICAgile-accredited courses to your organization. 
While you're not required to join ICAgile to work with MOs, we found that many organizations benefit greatly from first becoming an MO, accrediting their own Agile Fundamentals course, and then working with other MOs to receive additional training and mentoring. By having your own ICAgile-accredited Agile Fundamentals course, you'll be able to deliver this course more widely and frequently to your organization. This helps establish a consistent foundation - that is focused on an agile mindset - across the entire organization.
Visit our "Become a Member" page to learn more about joining ICAgile.
ICAgile will provide you with the course accreditation matrix for the course you wish to accredit. This matrix has detailed information around the learning outcomes (LOs) your course needs to meet to receive the accreditation. 
To ensure high-quality learning experiences for course participants, ICAgile-accredited courses must be delivered by instructors who are authorized by ICAgile. Instructors who wish to earn the ICAgile Authorized Instructor designation must meet requirements that demonstrate their domain knowledge and experience in the subject they intend to teach. 
When you're ready, you can contact us to schedule your session. ICAgile's sessions are conducted via videoconference with screen sharing capability. 

    "At the forefront of enabling agile adoption across government agencies, Booz Allen’s ICAgile-accredited training provides our staff with the best and broadest skills across the agile landscape to develop the best solutions for our clients." 

    Gary Labovich Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

    ICAgile Member Organizations Include:

    Accenture Federal Services

    Booz Allen Hamilton


    IBM Agile Academy

    Toyota Connected