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ICAgile helps professionals transform themselves into skilled agile practitioners who can blend agile methodologies and push beyond the limitations of agile processes. We do this by making sure the agile courses you take are accredited against proven, discipline-specific learning outcomes. As an accreditation bodysupported by agile thought leaderswe work with training providers and organizations to accredit their agile courses and ensure you receive world-class learning along each step of your journey.

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ICAgile-accredited courses meet the highest standard of learning, helping you master skills that are crucial and unique to specific agile disciplines. When you take an ICAgile-accredited class, you can be confident that you are meeting discipline-specific learning outcomes, which were developed in collaboration with worldwide agile thought leaders and practitioners.

Learn with Intention

ICAgile-accredited courses equip you with an agile mindset and prepare you for the prestigious ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) certifications. The expert-level certifications are recognized by agile thought leaders as an endorsement of competence because it is only awarded to professionals who demonstrate competence real-time in front of an expert panel.

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ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) certifications are extremely prestigious and are only awarded to individuals who demonstrate competence in a given track via a rigorous review process in front of a panel of industry-recognized thought leaders. View our Business Agility and Agile Delivery Learning Roadmaps to learn more.

Key Benefits


An agile mindset helps you be agile while doing agile. Well-known frameworks provide great tools and techniques to help teams execute in an agile manner. However, an agile mindset is the key to being agile, resulting in sustainable agility manifested through people, not processes. An agile mindset will also allow you to tailor methodologies for your reality. It gives you the flexibility to blend agile methods and even invent new frameworks to maximize collaboration and innovation.


Our learning outcomes are designed for evolution to ensure you learn cutting-edge skills that build upon your agile knowledge.


Executives often note that ICAgile certifications stand out on resumes, because it shows you’ve already met a set of high-quality and proven learning outcomes. Having an ICAgile certification shows you can already do the work that organizations are asking you to do.


The learning outcomes are developed in collaboration with 50+ agile thought leaders and practitioners. These leaders developed over 400 learning outcomes covering nine different agile disciplines. Teams from throughout the international community volunteered countless hours to build the most comprehensive set of agile learning outcomes to date. Without their passion and dedication, none of this work would be available to the community today.


ICAgile is an accreditation and certification body, not a training organization. We work with training providers and organizations to accredit their courses against proven learning outcomes. You can register for ICAgile-accredited courses with one of our 100+ Member Organizations (MOs). Please visit our class schedule to find upcoming course offerings near you.
The cost of your training will depend on which Member Organization (MO) you choose. Please visit our class schedule to find pricing and promotions for specific classes.
No. ICAgile does not have a certification renewal fee. Our goal is to help people go on an agile learning journey. Therefore, we encourage professionals to take the next step by pursuing other ICAgile certifications across our Learning Roadmap.
Yes, many Member Organizations (MOs) offer online classes. Please visit our class schedule and look for classes that list "Computer" or "Online" under the location category.
To earn an ICAgile certification, you must successfully compete an ICAgile-accredited class. During the class, you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and agile mindset. Our goal is to ensure that students learn how to be agile while doing agile. Because each ICAgile-accredited course is unique to the training provider who is delivering it, it is up to the training provider to determine how they want to assess their students (e.g., in-class activities, group exercises, etc.). ICAgile does not administer or require a specific exam to become certified. Students who successfully complete a course for certification will receive an invitation from us to view their transcript and to claim their certification on
Expert certifications are recognized and respected by agile thought leaders as an endorsement of genuine competence. They are only awarded to professionals who demonstrate competence real-time in front of an expert panel. To qualify, you must satisfy all the learning requirements for a given track. Specifically, you must earn the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification and the two specialty certifications on the track you're interested in. Find out more about the various ICE certifications by clicking on the discipline-specific Expert certifications under "Learning Roadmaps" in the navigation. We invite you to"apply for an ICE certification after meeting these requirements, at which point we will follow up with specific guidelines, processes, and next steps.

    "Earning an ICAgile Expert-level certification proves competence." 

    Lyssa Adkins Co-Founder and President at Agile Coaching Institute