Operating with Agility

About this track

Activate leaders and practitioners in organizational roles. The Operating with Agility Track offers professionals a path to develop agility within their roles. Each focus area equips practitioners with the skills they need to eliminate barriers and support the business agility journey.

Start with an agile mindset

Business Agility Foundations

Jumpstart the business agility journey with an agile mindset. Learn the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate. This starting point is for professionals outside of the software delivery space (e.g., HR, Finance, Marketing).

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Track Details

The knowledge-based certifications of this Track represent the organizational level, rather than an individual’s journey. To become agile, an organization as a whole needs people that span all of these disciplines. An individual may start within this Track and continue their journey toward competency in another predefined Track, such as Leading with Agility, Coaching for Agility, etc.

Agility in Finance

Bring an agile mindset to critical decisions. Implement new ways of thinking and working in the finance, accounting, and procurement areas.

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Agility in HR

Start with people—not processes. Develop agility in HR using engagement practices that are humanistic and value-based.

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Agility in Marketing

Articulate and implement an agile way of thinking and working in marketing to reach audiences responsively and sustainably.

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Product Management

Develop the product discovery and strategy skills to understand customers better and deliver winning products that align with your organization’s purpose.

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Lean Portfolio Management

This certification recognizes professionals who have knowledge and skills in Lean Portfolio Management.

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Adaptive Org Design

Develop skills to support an organization’s shift to a design that can respond and adapt quickly to new challenges.

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Adaptive Strategy

Develop and implement strategies that guide organizations while adapting to emerging market conditions and environments.

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