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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching Systems Coaching for deeper Agile Coaching Agile Team Coaching Have you ever ... Faced resistance or reluctance? Teams or stakeholders either push back, ignore, or only reluctantly go along. How come? Wondered how best to serve across teams? How can you be effective across teams when it took all your time to serve one team before? Wished for more and deeper impact in the organisation? How can you finally shift the environment around the team/s so that they can get on with creating value for users? The overarching theme of this course is infused by Systems Coaching. Systems Coaching is a way of how to effectively help teams, parts of organisations, and whole organisations shift. It’s respecting the individual, while always serving the whole. As Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches, our primary duty is to the teams in the context of the organisation. Empowering a team means to guide the team in a way that it works for itself. Systems Coaching is a powerful way to achieve this. Every subject, concept, and model, is explored through practice. There is a direct linkage of each subject to concrete everyday challenges that our kind face every day. Systems Thinking The ability to consider the wider picture and its intricate complexities and dynamics. Professional 1:1 Coaching The body of skills and knowledge that empowers others to take ownership, accountability, and responsibility, in pursuit of their goals. While similar courses include 1:1 professional coaching, this course does that and takes you to the next level, professional team coaching. Professional Team Coaching The skill and art of coaching a team in its entirety unfold a whole deeper dimension of unlocking each team's genius. Human Change Theory The integration of a deep understanding of how people think and feel their worries and dreams is paramount to creating an environment that promotes human change. Neuroscience The understanding of how our brains work and change over time is paramount to using the right type and pace of engagement. Bio-Psychology The appreciation of how our higher functions are impacted by even subtle changes in our biology is a key asset in our choice of engagement and interventions. Furthermore, we're also working to astutely distinguish mentoring from coaching, and practising how to use these skills in isolation and together in a holistic Agile Coaching engagement. Finally, we also cover how to enlist leadership as allies in your ventures to enable teams to become the dream teams they have a birthright to be. Remote