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ICAgile Certified Professional Dandy People Agile Power-Up (ICP Certified Professional - Agile Fundamentals, 10-week program) Agile Fundamentals The “Dandy People Agile Power-Up” program combines self-led study and experience-based activities to maximize learning and interactions in a remote setting. 10 weeks cover 5 learning sprints: Agile Basics, Agile Product Development, Agile Teams, Leadership for Agile and Growth, Learning Organizations and Agile Transformation. Access all our original Dandy material on our dedicated platform. Experience a 2-hour active workshop per week, facilitated by our experienced Agile Coaches. Your facilitators engage you with coaching sessions, break-out discussions, and hands-on practice. Leave the program with your ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification (upon completion), a toolbox that you can re-use, access to the training materials for a full year, and a network to continue learning from peers in the program. Remote