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ICAgile Certified Professional - Leading with Agility Exploring the Leadership Imperative (ICP-LEA) Agility in Leadership As leaders in times of ever-accelerating disruptive change, it is imperative that we commit to the deliberate and continuous improvement both of ourselves and of the organizations we serve. Once enough of us have done this, human-centered organizations that take care of all their stakeholder constituencies - including society at large and the environment - will become the norm. This course is for aspiring as well as experienced leaders and managers, working in any sphere of human activity, who have come to feel that traditional ways of leading and managing are no longer enough to allow our organizations and communities to thrive. It uses varied and complementary learning experiences and approaches, from guided discussions to interactive collaboration, individual reflection, and short lecture bursts. The primary objective is to deepen participant’s understanding of, commitment to, and fulfillment of, the Leadership Imperative as described above. Unlike competing offerings in the leadership space from bodies associated with various Agile methodologies, our approach is unconstrained by dogma and adherence to limited sets of prescriptive practices. We have freely combined elements and approaches from neuroscience, positive psychology, and the social sciences with traditional, Agile and lean project and product paradigms. By doing so, we are providing a far-reaching and impactful learning experience that will leave participants with a strong desire to experiment with the different tools, techniques, mindsets, and ways of reframing problems which they will have encountered - many of which potentially for the first time - over the 2-day course duration. Remote